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Beautiful girl from Madagascar (East Africa)

Women in Africa and the Diaspora: “Pray the Depression Away”
yesterday, she finally mustered the courage to call her mother. with shaking hands and cracking voice, she told her how she couldn’t sleep. she couldn’t eat. her body felt heavy. something was inside of her that didn’t quite belong. the something was sitting on her chest. breathing was harder. thinking was harder. she told her what the doctor said. it was depression. her mother on the other end of the line sucked her teeth. she didn’t believe in such things. all her daughter needed to do was pray. she just needed to attend church more, read her bible more. nothing was wrong with her, it was juju. it was god testing. and so she went to church. she sat in the front pew, eyes fixated on the pastor. and when it was time for altar call, she peeled herself from the wooden seat to stand in the front. people surrounded her. they prayed, and screamed and placed holy water on her head. this would fix her they told her. she would be better. and so she went home, she opened her bible to psalms 121. she prayed harder, went to church every sunday. she would be fixed she told herself, all she needed was more god. but months past and the darkness inside of her began to spill over. she no longer enjoyed the activities she once did. her night walks in the park became nights of sitting in the dark. curtains closed, door locked. she no longer wrote poetry or baked her favorite hershey cookies. she barely slept and her mouth was sewed shut rejecting food and water. she was sinking deeper. god wasn’t fixing her. praying wasn’t fixing her. and so she reached for the white pills that sat next to her bible. 3 at a time she threw them down her throat. if she couldn’t pray the depression away, she would kill it.
-Bilphena Yahwon
Anonymous asked: listen, I'm a white person living in america and I feel really bad for everyone on the palestine and israel side. none of us will ever wonder for our safety and being killed with immunity like those people. so stop being one sided.


"none of us will ever wonder for our safety and being killed with immunity" except Black people are killed on average every 28 hours by police or vigilante watchmen, with many of the murderers not even lasting behind bars long enough to taste prison food, so fucking spare me this bullshit.

White people in America are more concerned about the danger Israelis don’t face than Black people getting beat up and shot up by the police and viciously trapped by the prison industrial complex by the hundreds every day. Color me shocked.

Keep crying for settlers who are main benefactors of a legal instilled ethnic supremacist system under the guise of never understanding the life of danger they don’t live while people within a birds eye view keep being pushed out of their neighborhoods by neocolonialist yuppie culture and disproportionately targeted by an industry that traffics and funnels them into an institutionalized form of slavery.