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Harry Edwards painted Handsome Morning—A Dakota in 1921.
As the Brooklyn Museum describes, Edwards painted Handsome Morning “wearing a fringed shift with painted emblems, a bead-and-quill necklace, beaded moccasins, and a ceremonial blanket of fur-lined buffalo hide painted with abstract motifs (a specialty of Dakota women).”
Edwards picks up the bold colors of her garments in the indistinct strokes of the background, tying the subject and her setting together.
In fact, Edwards seems deliberately to have composed the scene to highlight her garments, her delicate moccasin emerging from behind her carefully arrayed blanket.


Dozens of black swans at Shenzhen Safari Park seen feeding carp.The hungry fish thronged by the banks of the lake as the swans craned their long necks to feed them mouth to mouth. The credulity stretching scene is a regular occurrence at the Guangdong Province zoo, where keepers said the swans have been feeding their carp friends every day for the past ten years.

this gives me the chills man

Mother and Daughter, India 
Photograph by William Albert Allard



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